Friday, July 19, 2013


for the purpose of effective communication and understanding within this domain, in accordance with current physical laws, let us concede to the following axioms: 
  • all known things are subjective and relative 
  • beauty falls on a spectrum between discord and harmony 
  • human experience is both an act of observation and creation 

within my world, the following memes have been effective in maintaining healthy relationships with other humans: 
  • be honest
  • be vulnerable
  • be kind

within myself, the following memes have been effective in rehabilitating and improving my relationship with myself: 
  • you get out what you put in
  • actions speak louder than words
  • crisis  opportunity

everyday, i try to:
  • smile whenever i notice i'm not
  • eat a balanced diet & maintain hydration
  • sit and stand with confident and open posture

with every challenge, i try to:
  • actively listen to all affected parties (including myself)
  • forgive & forget 90% of the time / retaliate & fight 10% of the time
  • learn with the intention of applying that knowledge to future situations 

i's and my's:
  • i identify as female
  • my maternal language is english
  • i believe i am 27 years old
  • my height is approximately 155 cm
  • i prefer dresses to pants
  • my smile is contagious 
  • i live where i was born
  • my spirit is (net) indelible 
  • i am a social introvert
  • my brain is my greatest treasure 

please feel free to join me on my life's adventure. i can already tell we'll be swell pals.